In today’s hectic life, junk food is the only defense. It is easy to make and easily available and tastes great. Junk food has gained significant popularity in India within 20-30 years. Sure, junk foods are delicious, but are they healthy? Absolutely not, but we are so busy and in need of quick gratification that we depend on fast food, which are usually not so healthy.

Junk food contains high levels of saturated fat, trans-fat and sodium which are not good for the body. They do not break down to provide energy. Rather, they accumulate in the body and become the root cause of weight gain. Since junk food is high in calories and lacking in nutrients, we’re probably eating extra calories, overeating, or binge eating.

Unhealthy food can lead to many health problems like obesity, high cholesterol, type-2 diabetes, heart attack. An overweight or obese person is more likely to develop diabetes. Since diabetes damages the blood vessels, the chances of getting serious disease become more.

High cholesterol can cause fatty deposits to develop in the blood vessels. As they enlarge, the blood flow through the arteries becomes distorted. Breaking up those deposits can cause a clot to form and cause a heart attack or stroke. Therefore, a balanced diet is essential to stay healthy. A balanced diet is when we consume all the macronutrients in the right balance and also check the micronutrients.

Junk food tastes good and is addictive. Therefore, it often becomes difficult to leave them. Still, if you want to follow healthy snacks that aren’t too time consuming, here’s something you’ll love!

healthy food vs junk food

Snacking is fun. We are not asking you to compromise on your consumption of delicious food. However, here are some easy healthy swaps that are easily doable and easy to prepare with easily accessible ingredients:

1. Potato Chips Vs Whole Wheat Fenugreek Khakhra

Potato chips are a delicious snack that anyone can easily eat without even knowing that they have eaten them. Contribute high in trans fat and sodium Bad fat in your body which eventually makes you fat.

On the other hand, a whole wheat methi khakhra is nutritious and healthy, providing just 89 calories, as opposed to a packet of potato chips that gives you 194 calories. Whole wheat khakhra is not only healthy but also delicious. You can easily swap it out on potato chips.

2. Aloo Papdi Chaat Vs Sprouts Chaat

Who doesn’t love Aloo Papdi Chaat? Of course, everyone craves at least one plate, but do you stop serving just one plate? Sometimes you can’t control your craving and end up overeating.

But do you know, just one serving can give you about 334 calories. Isn’t that too much for a small plate of papdi chaat? Yes it is. But here, we’ve got a very nutritious swap for the dish. Yes, it is sprouted chaat, which is a good source of iron, protein and fiber. It has only 55 calories in one bowl.

3. Cream Bun vs. Peanut Butter Banana Toast

The sugar content in a cream bun is high. The main ingredient of the bun is all purpose flour, and the flour is sweetened to make it tastier. Powdered sugar is another ingredient to make the bun shine as soon as it comes out of the oven.

It is normal to have the urge to eat sugar, but consuming too much sugar can be harmful to your health. Therefore, a perfect swap for a cream bun is a peanut butter banana toast.

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The naturally sweet banana is perfect for your sugar cravings, and the peanut butter makes it so delicious. Loaded with good fats and carbs, this is anytime atop a cream bun. A cream bun has 265 calories, but the nutrient-rich Peanut Butter Banana Toast gives you just 203 calories.

4. Energy Drinks Vs. Lime-Mint Juice

An energy drink is supposed to boost your energy to complete your workout or get instant energy. But did you know that the artificial flavors and hidden sugars in it are something you want to avoid? But instead of avoiding it, these energy drinks trick you in this direction. Sugar is converted to glucose to provide energy.

This is the truth behind the energy drinks you consume. So if you want to freshen up then a lemon-mint juice is the perfect option instead. To your surprise, a bottle of lemon-mint juice provides just two calories, but a can of energy drink provides 101 calories.

5. Choco-Pie vs. Mixed Fruit Bowl

Choco-pie is one of the most delicious sweet treats that one can eat. It is a perfect combination of chocolate on the outside and biscuit with marshmallow on the inside. It is delicious but similar to a cream bun, which has a higher sugar content. A choco-pie gives you 100 calories, and these are a lot more calories than a small pie.

On the other hand, if you replace it with a bowl of mixed fruits, you only get 84 calories. Yes, a bowl full of fruits is not only low in calories but also keeps you satiated for a long time, thereby fulfilling your sugar cravings.

So, you see how you can switch your junk food for healthier foods without much effort, and all of them are easily available in everyone’s kitchen. All these options are not only healthy, but also very tasty. They can surely satisfy all those cravings that your taste buds urge and are a sure shot at getting you on track with a healthy lifestyle. With these healthy swaps, you’ll feel a change in your energy levels and see a clear difference in your waistline and overall weight.

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