A workout is a session where you do physical exercise or in some cases vigorous training. It keeps your body active and fit. It also prepares your body for any physical challenge you are aiming for. If you are a part of any sport then it becomes necessary for you to exercise daily. It keeps your body flexible and strong and also improves your stamina. Working out is still very important if you have nothing to do with physical strength and a desk job. It is more important for you to exercise every day because you are not giving enough physical movement to your body. It is important to understand the importance of exercise in our daily lives.

It is very important to have daily workout sessions. It doesn’t matter how long or where you workout. What matters is whether you are consistent with your exercise regimen or not. It is imperative to stay motivated to work out every single day. Sometimes it becomes difficult to wake up your body if you are alone, but with a friend, we know it becomes much easier. The inspiration we get from a friend is something we cannot give ourselves. That’s where virtual workouts come in handy.

For a virtual workout to be most beneficial, tracking your progress and getting proper guidance is essential. HealthifyMe Weight Loss Coach can help you better track your progress. You can also connect with internationally certified coaches in real time and get tips on exercises you should incorporate into your workouts. It will provide you the proper guidance needed to get the results fast.

Interesting research on virtual workout partners

There has been a lot of study and research about the effect of virtual workout sessions. During the pandemic and the confinement in our homes, someone understood the importance of physical well-being. We realized that fitness is about immunity and strength. As a result, workouts and yoga at home increased. Anyone can have a successful workout session in India with better virtual connectivity.

according to ResearchIn the post-Covid time, the purchase of home fitness products increased by over 300%. People converted excess space in homes into private gyms and workout places to maintain mental and physical health. The pandemic has also increased the popularity of virtual workouts.

Working at home through virtual exercises provides the necessary convenience. It offers an experience similar to traditional in-person workouts, as they receive advice and guidance from a personal trainer, while interacting and working out virtually with others. This major change in practice is due to advances in technology.

another study suggests an increase in motivation due to virtual connectivity. The researchers also observed that people in virtually participatory exercise exercised longer than those in strength work. As a result of the study, change in intensity (75% and 90% of max heart rate) was the primary variable reflecting motivational effort. You may see an increase in performance at baseline without a significant difference in conditions. Self-efficacy and pleasure significantly lead to increased effort in more intense interval sessions.

There has been a huge increase in virtual workout sessions even after the severe pandemic. The personalized nature of the workout, doing it at home and the benefits of virtual connectivity make it a new way to exercise. We can also see the role of digital physical activity during the UK COVID-19 lockdown study,

In addition to the performance-related data we saw, several personal benefits compel people to choose virtual workout sessions over physical appearance. Such benefits include convenience, flexibility, constant motivation, proper focus, confidence building, available options, cost-effectiveness and comfort. We will discuss these benefits in detail in the next section.

The HealthifyMe Note:

There is a growing trend towards virtual workouts as compared to physical gym workouts. The purchase of gym equipment has increased manifold in the wake of COVID-19. People discovered the benefits of virtual workouts and thus continue to do so even after the pandemic subsides. Virtual workout sessions have many benefits such as flexibility, safety, cost-effectiveness, etc. As two sides of the same coin, everything has its advantages and challenges. The difference in benefits compels us to choose one over the other.

Benefits of a virtual workout partner

Convenience and Flexibility

The busy schedule sometimes does not allow us to go to the gym. Instead, we get stuck in our daily lives, and that’s where virtual workouts become super convenient. With Virtual Workout, you can workout from the convenience of home without wasting any travel time.

constant inspiration

A virtual workout is great for motivation. Coaches make sure you stay on track and have enough room to chat with them. So, if a particular activity or pace isn’t working, you can adapt it to stay motivated and on track.

due attention

There is a huge crowd present in the gym for workouts. That’s why a gym instructor can’t give enough focus to a single person. In virtual training, your gym instructor can closely monitor your workouts and give you valuable tips to improve your technique.

comfort and confidence

Feeling comfortable is essential, and only then can you give your best. If you are someone who doesn’t feel comfortable working out in front of other people, then virtual workouts could be a perfect solution for you. It gives a sense of security when you are at your place.

Insecurities about our body shape and image can sometimes keep us from opening up to the gym landscape. Therefore, sometimes it is easier to work out in your own space than to go to the gym. One can easily plan a face-to-face consultation to get the best out of a prescribed workout.

variety of options

In virtual workouts, using the app gives you more options than just choosing your activity at the gym. For example, a health portal or app has a pool of trainers. You can choose which exercise is best and most appeals to you from the available list of activities. The instructor may also suggest a mix of different exercises.

cost effectiveness

An app or virtual training provider is far more cost-effective than a gym membership. The cost that real estate adds is removed from the price. Plus, there are online resources available on various platforms to help you get the gist of the workout. For example, you can watch free videos on HIIT before signing up for it.

Challenges of a virtual workout partner

connectivity issues

A key concern with virtual workouts is that we are dependent on network connectivity. No matter how motivated we are, internet problems due to poor network can make it worse. A full-intensity workout can suddenly be interrupted by bad weather. There’s nothing we can do about it.

lack of proper space

If your location is overcrowded, the location may be a problem if there is difficulty with proper movement. A quiet space is needed to exercise with your virtual partner and to stay properly focused. Disturbance at one end can affect the workout routine of both the partners and cause a feeling of demotivation.

lack of discipline

Home is a place to rest; Sometimes we make excuses for not working out. You may feel lazy and postpone your workout session.

The HealthifyMe Note:

Virtual partners can help improve personal performance and motivation. A virtual coach can motivate and support you emotionally to stay committed to the task. The benefits are similar to a physical coaching session. However, there is a feature that comes with virtual workouts. It’s easy to fit in virtual coaching during a busy schedule. One way to stay committed to a virtual workout session is to set a specific time in the day and not deviate from it.

Tips for a better virtual workout

warm-up session

Warm-up is preparation for a workout. Warming up prepares our heart, lungs and muscles for aerobic and anaerobic activities. It is an important factor in any workout to activate the body’s healing mechanisms. Warming up before exercise plays an important role in raising body temperature. The warm-up should last 10 to 15 minutes and include cardiovascular and stretching exercises.

Jumping straight into an exercise without a warm-up session can result in injury. In addition, warm-up exercises help to wake the body from an inactive state and contract the muscles. In addition, it improves the elasticity of the muscles and reduces the chances of muscle strain or soreness.

start with the basics

If you’re new to workouts, engaging in complex exercises in the beginning can increase your risk of injuries. Any workout routine is challenging at first. You should practice with the help of an expert. Also, directly enrolling yourself in complex training and not achieving the desired results will demotivate you and may even force you to quit the job. Thus, it is necessary to start with the basics.

To avoid mistakes and burnout, you can start with short workout sessions as part of your lifestyle. Motivation increases when you plan workouts with your partner. Consistency is another important factor when it comes to discipline. Body related goals require proper stability.

cool down exercise

Cooling down after working out is important to speed recovery and reduce pain and fatigue. In addition, cooling down significantly reduces problems such as shortness of breath, dizziness and lactic acid buildup. It also helps in preventing injuries like bruises and muscle strains as it helps in relaxing the body and mind.

Cool down exercises include stretching, hip flexor, thigh stretch, upper body stretch, arms cross shoulder stretch, jogging and brisk walking. A cooldown of just 3 to 10 minutes can provide relaxation benefits and help increase mental and physical strength.

good internet connection

Virtual exercise is possible only with a good internet connection. You can discuss goals, ideas and exercise techniques with your workout partner and work on a shared result but the shaky internet can make it all useless. Slow internet can automatically slow down the workout. Chills or lag in the middle of training is very frustrating for the trainee and the instructor. Hence it is imperative to upgrade your speed while doing virtual workouts.

Getting Online Partners to Work for You

For many of us, it’s easy to perform in our comfort zone. There is no better comfort in our home than this. Therefore, it is important to understand how to plan a virtual workout session. In cases where you don’t have enough space in your home, or you don’t feel motivated in your home, it would be better for you to physically go to the gym.

Your online partners are required to do the work for you. Communication is the key. Assess your fitness level. Talk to your coach or fitness buddy and be goal-oriented.

easy to connect

Virtual makes it possible to connect with multiple coaches. You can try two or three different forms of the exercise. Once you do that, you can narrow down to one and figure out what works for you.

no geographic boundaries

When choosing a gym, it becomes necessary to choose a gym within a certain distance. When choosing an online trainer, there are no geographic limitations. Therefore, you can choose the best trainers even if they are not in the same country.

Also, a busy schedule sometimes forces us to visit a particular place for some time. In a physical gym, it breaks up the workout cycle. In the case of virtual workouts, you are connected to your trainer and can continue your training from another location as well. Hence, it helps you to maintain the regularity of the workout sessions.


Tough pandemic times have shown us the power of virtual contact. a study The role of exercise and fitness in the age of social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic has been explained by NCBI.

As Work From Home became popular, you can work out with a virtual workout partner. It is beneficial as it provides many benefits. Many personal benefits compel people to choose virtual workout sessions over physical gym memberships. Such benefits include convenience, flexibility, motivation, proper focus, confidence, multiple choices, cost-effectiveness and comfort. Virtual workouts also have some disadvantages such as lack of proper space, network connectivity and responsiveness issues. However, it is one’s dedication that becomes the deciding agent here. Where there is a will, there is a way!

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