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There has been nothing new reported. Some of masswge best known English language news media published stories about the report under bogus headlines and with completely bogus content.

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In the context of poor reporting of a questionable study, the jappan sex massage for the most idiotic headline must surely go to the U.

One in 10 Japanese men are not 40 years old.

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The claim is impossible in terms of real-life demography. Moreover, many of them have never got close and cuddly.

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Around 42 percent of jappan sex massage men and The question of why journalists would recycle this story has a simple answer.

Stories about sex generate clicks.

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Stories about Japan generate clicks. Combine sex with Japan and you get even more clicks.

Why academics would massage data jappan sex massage and tout their ultimately banal results jappan sex massage a more interesting question with a somewhat complex answer. Indeed the reports carried by the BBC and CNN were so off the mark that it would be appropriate to characterize them as fake news. I also found that numerous other articles missed the point that the claims about virginity were for the unmarried, not all Japanese in a particular age cohort.

Jappan sex massage

Even some science news jappsn missed that the claims jappan sex massage adult virginity were not for the Japanese population at large but for the unmarried. While several factors may be at work, stories about sex sell, and stories about sex in Japan sell even better.

Contemporary journalism and publishing is increasingly driven by clicks woodgate bbw personal ads stories about sex in Japan are good for clicks.

Substantively, however, I would assert that making jappan sex massage linkage ultimately is driven by cultural racism. Nineteen countries and all of the southern European countries are listed below Japan in terms of fertility rate. Similarly, the fertility rates for Nordic countries have been declining.

Yet, I have been unable to find any articles linking the fertility rates of these countries to an alleged lack of sexual activity in the adult population.

The writing is very jappan sex massage and in some parts singularly opaque.

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This may be an artifact of its open source publication. In my experience with prestige journals in the social sciences and the humanities, the editing and proofreading is jappan sex massage rigorous. Further, even where the content is not opaque, there are major problems with it.

First, the authors admit that they do not know the details of how the National Fertility Survey jappan sex massage conducted prior to Second, they were denied access to parts of the original survey data and had to fill in the gaps by extrapolation from other jappan sex massage.

Third, they seem rather cavalier about documenting their claims as to the importance of what they are studying.

Three of the five sources predate the government report. As I have pointed out jappan sex massage, it is not notably low in European terms. First, the University of Tokyo touted the report on not one but two wisconsin singles events glitzy websites.

Beginning with a splashy graphic, these web pages end with ja;pan self-promoting description of the university and its student body unrelated to the preceding report.

[Mythbusters] Japanese Virgin Sturgeons | JAPAN Forward

The relative world share of science publications coming out of Japanese universities has been in long-run secular decline for some years. Japanese universities do not do particularly well in international rankings based on jappan sex massage.

The University of Tokyo, in theory the most prestigious jappan sex massage in Japan, has seen its international ranking decline. Particular criticism has been directed at the lack of publications in English and the lack of publications produced as a result of international collaboration.

The report on alleged virginity punches all the right buttons and was guaranteed to attract international attention.

No matter that jappan sex massage content is banal at best. Ultimately, the original research report produced uninspired, even questionable, results.

While the sexual jappan sex massage of juveniles may be an issue of general public and governmental concern, it is hard to see alleged adult virginity as an issue of any serious import. Those who funded this research might well jappan sex massage asked if it was money well spent.

Moreover, the opaque and confusing language in the research report inherently invited the stories about Japanese sexuality deviating from imagined norms. Better prose might not stop such stories, but it would ,assage least leave journalists with fewer excuses for writing.

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Nappan H. Jappan sex massage is professor emeritus at Taisho University. Before moving to Japan inhe was reader jappan sex massage Japanese Studies at the University of Sheffield and professor of history at the University of California-Davis His research is in the history and sociology of Japanese education from the Meiji period to the present, with an emphasis on ss Japan.

He is a Japanese citizen and writes commentary in English and Japanese, and does Japanese English translation. He is currently writing a book on foreign media coverage of Japan under the working title Japan in the Jappan sex massage Imagination.

January 30, Earl Kinmonth Leave your thoughts.

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The last weeks of saw a spate of articles in the English language press reporting that the […]. May 29, Earl Jappan sex massage 1 Comment.

Foreign pundits and journalists occasionally invent stories about Japan. But more typically they take something that h.

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June 14, You must be logged in to post jappan sex massage comment. Earl Kinmonth September 11, Swx Megumi: Related Posts: Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.