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What do people say about Simi valley

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Baker, and most of those interviewed here, said that the proliferation of valey, vandals and vagrants in many nearby urban and suburban neighborhoods had nothing to do with race.

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It's because of people who don't care. The day the verdict was rendered in the beating trial, in a county courthouse here, Simi Valley pronounced SEE-me valley was congratulating itself in the pages of the local newspaper for abokt again being near the top of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's list of cities with the lowest crime rates.

Within hours, the world saw it otherwise, with news commentators and demonstrators making disparaging references to this largely white, conservative city, labeling Simi Valley a racist place and comparing it to Mississippi in the 's. City officials said that in the wake of the verdict they received anonymous, and unfounded, telephone threats that the police station, courthouse and local hotels would be burned or bombed.

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This hostility directed at their city wounds Simi Valley residents, who are quick to note that only two members of the jury actually live here, with the rest pekple cities and towns throughout Ventura County. Mayor Stratton said that holding Simi Valley responsible for the verdict was as unfair as "blaming the host city if your team loses the Super Bowl.

Nielson said that when he called State Senator Diane Watson's office offering help in the cleanup, her aide expressed surprise that people from here, of all places, would want to come. A lot of us were raised.

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It's our city. John Leslie, a billing manager at Blue Cross and one of those who joined the cleanup effort, said that stereotyping residents here as bad people was no better than doing the same to those who live in the inner city.

While it is an accident of venue that the trial was held here, the demographics of Simi Valley fueled the widely held notion that racism played a part in atlanta herpes dating verdict reached by a jury that valoey no black members.

This city, which grew rapidly after the opening of the freeway to Los Angeles, is more than 80 percent white and only 2 percent black. Residents insist that what binds them is not their common race or ethnicity, but a shared middle-class life style.

Arkin continued. It's about whether you let your property run.

Greg Burge, what do people say about Simi valley Simi Valley real estate agent, noted that more than three-quarters of the city's residents own their own homes. And, Mr. Burge added, virtually everyone has a job, attends one of the city's 47 churches and is involved in activities at Simi Valley's 25 highly-regarded primary and secondary schools. With a large tax base, Simi Valley also can afford a model police department, Montreal whore house Stratton said, with officers who are summoned "at the drop of a hat" by citizens with high expectations about safety in the streets.

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